OKI Shinrai Partner Programme: Your ticket to business success

It’s easy to do business with OKI
OKI is a B2B- and channel-focused company; we don’t sell directly to end customers and are fully committed to helping Partners grow their business and customer base. Through the Shinrai Partner Programme, over 5,000 Technology Partners in over 60 countries enjoy unique incentives, sales tools and specialised training from OKI, to grow their businesses. From regular newsletters and webinars keeping Partners up-to-date with industry news, to exclusive discounts on OKI products, Shinrai Partners can rely on OKI for the support they need to drive success.

Grow your business through the OKI Shinrai Partner Programme
OKI’s structured and supportive approach and complete range of incentives, tools and training, combined with our product innovation and extended services, helps you build on your existing customer base and develop new opportunities. Working together, we identify where we can deliver the knowledge, products and sales support that will drive your business to new heights.

A partnership built on trust
The Shinrai Partner Programme is a partnership based on trust, loyalty and flexibility. We believe that transparency and cooperation are essential in delivering a working partnership that benefits  partners and their customers. Partners can select a membership that suits their business model and preferred level of integration and commitment to OKI, receiving varying levels of support and rewards, based on this membership.

Whichever level you choose, OKI supports you with:

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